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Trade Buzzer started it's journey in 2017 with a vision of taking advanced steps towards financial success. Trade Buzzer team encourages continuous growth in knowledge, expertise and upward movement in an individual's life. We believe in ultimate success; and TEAM TRADE BUZZER is always striving to find the best way to reach members' goals.

Note From Founder

Hello everyone, welcome to Trade Buzzer. Our team is dedicated to serve your best interest regarding most wise and most accurate investment and financial decisions. With a vision of TB Mutual Fund, I started this journey back in 2017. It was tremendous experience to be with so many people in a group and working together so far. Please feel free to join and stay with our Trade Buzzer community.

My objectives are not only to serve our team's interests, but also to serve the communities, societies and our country/ies in the right places where they need us at any point of time. Wish you all a nice journey ahead; I believe in our unity, wisdom, honesty, hard works and combined success.

Thanks and Regards
Md Waresh Bin Aziz (Abir Aziz)
Founder of Trade Buzzer


Trade Buzzer Mutual Fund Scheme One LLC (TBTMFS1)

TBTMFS1 started a visionary journey on January, 2018. It was founded by Waresh Bin Aziz, AKA, Abir Aziz as a multimember LLC. The business purposes of TBTMFS1 are diversified, and not only limited to investing in financial markets. TBTMFS1 has aggressive expansion plans for Real estate, Bio-Technology, and other businesses with promising growth. TBTMFS1 has two major functions: To return a regular dividend back to investors, To have strong future growth to help maximize MF potential, and To open new doors for acquisitions/investments.

Chart 1: Performance of TBTMFS1 over 6 Months period: (Rounded to nearest USD)
Chart 2: Guidance for TBTMFS1 for 2018: (Rounded to nearest USD)

Think Tank Investment LLC

Think Tank Investment LLC (TTI) is a new project planned under supervision of Abir Aziz. TTI will operate business as Multi-member LLC. The business purposes of TTI will also be diversified similar to TBTMFS1 and will work with aggressive guidance.

Related Information about Think Tank Investment LLC (TTI)


Business Initiation (Anticipated)

August 15, 2018

Number of members


Minimum contribution amount


Maximum contribution amount


Management Fees

As per Operating Agreement

Deadline for Joining (Pro-Club Life Time Membership) **Only for Incoming TTI/TBTMFS1 Members

July 25, 2018

Deadline for Think Tank Member contribution

August 10, 2018


  1. As a subscriber of Pro-Club Life-time Membership, you will have rights to join TTI as a member initially and you will get all Pro-Club stock alerts, option alerts, future alerts, other necessary studies and market feedbacks for an indefinite period. Also you may enjoy rights to join TBTMFS1 when we take new faces in our board.
  2. Anyone can join Pro-Club on available subscription plans, but the LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP is only available for coming members of Think Tank Investment LLC (TTI) and future members of TBTMFS1.
  3. All the trades and business activities of TBTMFS1 and TTI will be shared jointly in a group and actively trading members can follow those instructions.
  4. The rest of all Pro-club members will get the alerts and other studies in Pro-Club channels.
  5. TBTMFS1 and TTI members will have access to any and all resources.
  6. Pro-Club “other” subscription plans will remain open but the Life-Time Membership plan will be closed on July 25, 2018.
  7. Please contact at: tradebuzzer@hotmail.com for joining instructions; Also feel free to join the free discord link given below and contact Abir Aziz for any necessary queries.

Stuff We Do

Training on Trading

Training on Investment

Market and Stock Analysis

Fund Management

Swing Trading


Option & Future Trading


Pro-Club Membership: This is our premium investing and trading club of Trade Buzzer premium team where we provide training, detailed ticker studies, swing and day trade alerts, short squeeze alerts, investment guidelines, Financial advices and related studies, Option alerts and necessary training on options are two of the premium features of Pro-Club. Establishing continuous growth and prospect with vision of joining Trade Buzzer Mutual Fund 2021 Board- Is the purpose of Trade Buzzer Pro-Club.

“Sign up by 12/28/2018 and Get 20% discount on our Yearly Membership; Regular Price $2499 and Get 17% discount on our Future Membership; Regular Price $2999””

  • Pro-Club Yearly

  • $2499 1999 / Year
  • All Trading Features Plus
  • Options Alert
  • Training & Market Analysis
  • Value Investment & Future Trading
  • Signup
  • Pro-Club Life Time

  • $3999 / Lifetime
  • All Trading Features Plus
  • Options Alert
  • Training & Market Analysis
  • Value Investment & Future Trading
  • Signup
  • Future-Club Yearly

  • $2999 2499 / Year
  • All Trading Features of Pro-Club Yearly
  • Future Studies & Trade Guidelines
  • Instant Future Tade Alert
  • Option Alerts of Future Product
  • Education Material for Future Trading
  • Signup

Referral Program (Any Membership Product)

For Non-Member

$400 for 2 Referrals

$700 for 3 Referrals

$1000 for 4 Referrals

For Club Member

$300 for per Referral

$500 each after 3rd Referrals


Trade Buzzer is an individual financial advisory platform. We, as a team, always try our best for your highest satisfaction and guide the best ways possible to reach your determined goals. This organization and related executive officials (including Founder, Executive bodies, any related Trade Buzzer Officials) are not liable for any or all financial mistakes, any or all unexpected results on financial decisions or at any events at any point of time. We provide our best knowledge and guidance through our industry best multi-check studies. The investment decisions along with all financial decisions, liabilities and executions are completely on the individual investors, subscribers, participating members and other external parties.

The founder and his given authority/ies (if any) have sole and entire rights for changing any plans, policies, agenda, prices or events.

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